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Paper submission

Guidelines for oral presentation, Paper/Poster Submission:
Oral Presentation Guidelines:
  1. Oral presentation duration for each Plannary Session talk is maximum 20 minutes. A panel discussion between the speakers, panel members and the chair will follow the completion of all presentations of session for a period of 45 minutes, which will accommodate 2-3 questions on each paper from the audience as decided by the chair of the session.
  2. Oral presentation duration for each Concurrence Session speaker is maximum 15 minutes. At the end of all presentations of the session, there will be 30 minutes allocated for question-answer.
  3. Flash talk duration for each Young speaker is maximum of 6 minutes; at the end of five presentations there will be 10 minutes allocated for Q & A.
  4. Speakers are requested to prepare and submit their presentation on the provided PPTX template (available in the following link https://brri.portal.gov.bd/site/page/3dc4c16f-6932-4740-aefa-94e346a075fa) through e-mail (brri.bd50@gamil.com; brri50@brri.gov.bd) as PPT or PPTX or PDF formats.
Poster presentation guidelines
The posters should be mounted in the poster board according to the assigned poster number in the designated areas. During the poster session, the presenter must be present in front of the poster to explain the work. The poster should be prepared on the provided poster template available in the following link https://brri.portal.gov.bd/site/page/3dc4c16f-6932-4740-aefa-94e346a075fa). The size of the poster should be A0 (841 x 1189 mm) or (33.1 x 46.8) inch.
Presenter Tips for Engaging with Audiences
Planning Your Presentation
  • On each slide, balance text and images.
  • Keep text at least 26-28-point font size.
  • Always have high contrast between colors (e.g. background and text).
  • Avoid "busy" backgrounds.
  • For maps, charts, and graph labels use 20-point or larger font. Include the description of the image, chart, or graph.
  • If your presentation includes a video, it should be captioned. 
When Presenting
  • Speakers/presenters should always use the microphone. Never assume that everyone can hear you even when projecting. 
  • Engage your audience and do not ask/expect them to read the slide. 
  • Briefly describe any slide images for those that may be seated in the back.
For Poster Presentations
Heading: A full title and name(s) of author(s) should be given at the top of your display. These should be the same as that printed in the program, and the font size for these should be legible from 3-6 feet (1-2 meters).
Legibility and Visual Impact: Viewers will usually stand 3-6 feet (1-2 meters) from your display. Text, captions and figure legends should be at least 18-point, but 24-point is better. Graphs and tabular data should be at least 24-point. Use a font that is easy to read, such as Arial. Very selective highlighting of your major points in high contrasting colors or bold print can improve your presentation. Please avoid using red and green hues on the same figure, because 8% of men and 0.4% of women have some red/green impairment.
Simplicity: To encourage viewers to read your poster, make your display easy for the viewer to understand. Avoid excessive detail in the text or complex graphs and tables with excessive numbers. An effective display is a series of brief statements and supporting illustrations that tell a story. The flow of your story should be clearly indicated with distinct columns, letters, numbers, or arrows. Remember, posters are not manuscripts. Limit text to the essentials. If detailed explanation is required, prepare a handout of this information and have copies available in an envelope attached to the bottom of the poster board. Also, the poster should be self-explanatory. Viewers must be able to follow and understand your display when you are not present.
Oral and poster presentation guidelines : Download
Poster presentation Template : Download
Presentation template : Download
 The soft copy of the paper/poster should be submitted via email, the email is given below:-
brri.bd50@gamil.com, psbiswasbrri@yahoo.com, smmomin80@gmail.com
 Please contact for details:
 Director Research