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Bangladesh Rice Journal - Volume 17 (No. 1 and 2), 2013

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Farmer’s Participatory Site Specific Nutrient Management in Tidal Flooded Soil for High Yielding Aus Rice
M Sh Islam, M N H Mahmud, F Rahman, and M A Saleque


Physiological Behaviour and Yield Performances of Hybrid Rice at Different Planting Dates in Aus Season
M M Haque, H R Pramanik and J K Biswas


Impacts of Temperature and Carbon dioxide on Rice yield in Bangladesh
J K Basak, R A M Titumir, J K Biswas and M Mohinuzzaman


Effect of Nitrogen Levels and Gliricidia Sepium Alley Widths on Rice Based Agroforestry Systems
S Mondal, M G Miah, N E Elahi, M A Saleque and A Rahman


Effect of lemon grass (Cymbopogen citratus) extract on seed health of rice
M. Z. Rahman, M. Ayub Ali, M. S. Hossain, M. A. Monsur and M. Z. Zaman


Refinement of Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Method for Rice Cultivation
Priya Lal Chandra Paul and M.A. Rashid

Effect of Nutrient Management on Population Growth of Brown Planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål)
M M Rashid, M Jahan, K S Islam, M N Bari and S S Haque

Distribution and Interrelationship of Differentiated, Degenerated and Surviving Spikelets on Panicle Branches in Rice (Oryza sativa)
T H Ansari, T Yoshida, Y Yamamoto and A Miyazaki


Water and Fertilizer Productivity in Dry Season Irrigated Rice at Farmer’s Field
M Maniruzzaman and J C Biswas


Diversity and Seasonal Fluctuations of Arthropod Fauna in Bangladesh Deepwater Rice
David Catling and Zahirul Islam